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Kara Ta ni. Kong. O Taro Vey, Rama Kong.

Wa Saba ani mako. O Taro Vey, Rama Kong.

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    I just think make him a fire breathing dragon takes the realness out of the film, Kong could have existed (Gigantopithicus) Dinosaurs did exist, but fire breathing dragons are nothing but fantasy, just MHO.
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    Reply from ClaytonVanMarch:


    Thank you for your honest opinion!

    It's just that I'm not so sure that dragons are just fantasy. I mean, they're a prominent key in every culture, and every legend has a basis of truth.

    Who knows? They might be a brand new species of Dinosaur that hasn't been discovered before!

    Still, I might save a dragon of some sort for 'Son of Kong', because in the original a dragon(not fire-breathing) devours Helstrom, the evil captain of the Norwegian barque that Denham got the map from in the first film.

    Best regards buddy, and a Happy New Year!


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    Got it and sent out the scripts to you, no-no snake in Kong's lair in my film, I wouldn't want to see a fire breathing dragon, but that may be just me, it's your story-what do you want to see in it? Kess P.S. Let me know what you think of the stories
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    Reply from ClaytonVanMarch:


    I received the scripts, I love them(I also emailed you back with thanks).

    But may I ask, why wouldn't you like to see a fire-breathing dragon? Is it a little too over-the-top? Because it would be in a serpent form. But I may save the dragon for 'Son of Kong', which devours Helstrom as the island is sinking. I might add the Boa, like in the 1976 remake(I still liked it better than the 2005 one, mainly because they didn't claim it to be faithful).

    Thanks again, and let me know what you think about a Boa, and if you liked the 1976 one at all.